Fly Fishing Gift Ideas – Presents for Pros & Hobbyists

Fly fishing is a very popular sport or hobby and a great way to become one with nature. But maybe you don’t care about any of that and instead you are here looking for ideas for gifts you should buy for that special one in your life who loves to go fly fishing. Well, here are a few ideas.

Fortunately, coming up with fly fishing gift ideas is surprisingly easy. Here are a few fly fishing gift ideas that will make great presents at Christmas and other special occasions.

1. Flies – You lucky guy/gal! The best gift you can give a fly fisherman is a fly of course. Sounds basic, but it’s true. Flies are the “bait” that the fisherman puts on the end of the line and they are used to attract fish. They come in a variety of types and forms. The most basic are Nymphs and Mayflies, which mimic a type of bug that lives in rivers and is considered fine dining by bass and other popular fish. Prices are typically just a couple of dollars per fly, so feel free to buy more than one from this awesome selection.

2. Local Specialty Fly – Okay, this will cost a bit of effort on your part. Every fishing area has a specialty fly that is known to get fish leaping out of the water before casting even begins. Since the exact fly varies from location to location, you need to stop by a local fishing store and ask for advice. Try to pick a beat-up looking shop with gentlemen of an older persuasion. Hint: They’ll probably talk your ear off, but you’ll get something unique.

3. Fly Station – More costly still, money-wise.  A fly station is a lot like a small desk you might find in a home office, and for a good reason. The fly station is where your beloved angler will sit while they create their own flies. Part of the appeal of fly fishing is tying your own flies and fly stations are built to make this popular little escapade “businesslike”. You can expect a fly station to set you back $75 or considerably higher. The high ticket items of course buy you more mileage  – you know what I mean?

4. Fly Fishing JournalsFly fishing journals are compact writing journals that let anglers keep notes on their efforts. They can use them to note the fishing conditions, which flies worked the best, who they fished with and to keep notes on what they should do differently the next time.

5. Wading Staff: Wading into the waters of a lake, river, or stream on a quiet sunny evening is fraught with all sorts of dangers, but none more disconcerting than slipping on slimy submerged stuff and landing on your derriere, fly fishing gear flying in all directions!

 A fly fishing wading staff can keep derrieres dry by giving the fisherman something to support him/herself while walking across wet rocks and slimy stuff in the deep. Typical staffs retract into a shorter stub for easy packing. Expect to pay between $40 and $60 for a wading staff of solid construction – a great fly fishing gift such as these.

6. Quick Seine Nets – With fly fishing, insects tell the story on rivers. The Quick Seine Nets are tailored to help fisherman quickly and easily analyze the insect population at a fishing spot. The nets work like a sieve in the water, letting you scoop up the local insect population. Typically they are the size of a racquetball racket, and you can free hand them or attach them to your fish nets. Quick Seine Nets come in a few sizes, but cost no more than $25. Click here to see a selection of the best quick seine nets.

If you’re looking for fly fishing gifts, consider yourself lucky. The equipment tends to be inexpensive and lasts a very long time. Frankly, it is pretty hard to go wrong when buying fly fishing gifts. Any of the above fly fishing gift ideas will make great presents for lovers of fly fishing.

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