Top 10 Baby Gift Ideas

Personalized Baby Elephant or Teddy Bears

Babies bring immeasurable joy and happiness to the lives of their parents and friends and family at large. Giving the baby gifts is always a great way to celebrate this joyous occasion in style. The best gifts are ones that are both classy and useful for the newborn. Here are the top ten baby gift ideas to help you choose the ideal baby gifts for someone you love and care about.

1. Baby beds with a number of tiny pillows in different shapes. A baby bed is very useful because babies soil the bed frequently and to have a spare one always helps.

2. Soft toys. Cuddly teddy bears and dolls not only keep the infant company they also create a cozy atmosphere and help to make babies feel very comfortable.

3. Baby wraps and blankets. Always buy soft wraparounds for the baby as their skins are very soft. Wraps should not have any kind of buckles or buttons as could hurt the baby.

4. Baby clothes. Keeping in mind the sensitive skin of the newborn, loose and soft clothes are the best choice and you want to avoid buttoned or buckled clothes.

5. Woolens. Sweaters, caps, hoods and socks woven from the finest wool only make great gifts for baby.

6. Body suits are considered ideal as they cover the baby from head to toe without the help of drawstrings and buttons. Additionally, babies are easier to handle when in a body suit.

7. Diaper sets. Diapers are very useful to the parents, who never seem to have enough of them.

8. Beautiful baby baskets are one way of gifting more than one item at a time. Consider putting in various articles that will come in handy for the baby as well as the mom.

9. Baby milk bottles. If the mom is breast-feeding the newborn, these will be useful only after six to seven months.

10. Pacifiers, rattlers, piggy banks and chimes are some other items that are especially appropriate for the occasion.

11. Shower items form a very important part of baby gifts. Shower tubs, shower toys, soaps and oils come under this category. Moms can be gifted shower aprons as well as baby shower invitation cards.

For babies in the crawling stage, ideal gifts include rocking chairs and horses.

Even with toddlers it is advisable to gift soft toys as there is a chance they may hurt themselves with hard toys.

Such toys may include soft stacking rings, clutch cubes and balls.

Other great baby gift items include play sets, figure books, alphabet blocks and fitting blocks and puzzle name stools for babies over 1 year.

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