Unique Backpacking Gift Ideas for Backpackers

Looking to buy gifts for a backpacker buddy, mom, or dad? Here are a few unique backpacking gift ideas for Christmas and other special occasions. Backpacking is about simplicity but there are a lot of items you can give as gifts to a backpacker. Below are a few items that are guaranteed to be a big hit with most backpackers.

Trekking Poles

Backpackers can only go in one of two directions – forward and up. Regardless which direction they go, they will be hoofing a heavy backpack from here to there. Trekking poles let a backpacker use his/her arms to support part of the weight and they are very popular with backpackers for this reason. Popular brands include Black Diamond and Leki.

Digital Handheld GPS

hand held gps gift for backpackers
Backpacking went digital, if you didn’t know. A digital handheld GPS is one of those new technologies that are a big hit with backpackers. They use them to make sure they know where they are at all times and not get lost. Today GPS technology can be used on smart phones and other technology devices but for the backpacker you are looking for small, lightweight, and convenient – such as a GPS watch or just a handheld device like the good old compass.

Garmin is one of most popular brands.

Hydration Waist Packs

A backpacker is constantly faced with the threat of getting dehydrated while trekking around. Remember the Australian grandpa who got lost and survived 6 days without water in the wilderness, eating ants to hydrate himself? He got lucky!

Hydration packs are a backpacker’s best safeguard against those sorts of dangers. They enable backpackers to carry water comfortably. You have waist hydration packs, shoulder packs, and full-on backpack systems. Waist packs are the best. Prices are in the $30 to $45 range.  Amphipod is one of the popular brands. Here’s are the bestsellers on Amazon

Backpacking Journal

A backpacking journal is a must have for backpackers. This is where they keep notes and diaries of their hikes, to record stuff such as who they hiked with, what routes they took, the weather conditions they endured, and all the funny little events that occur during a trip. If you can wangle it, get them a personalized backpacking journal as a gift. There are places online and offline where you can order personalized gifts such as journals. Or find them on Amazon here

If you’re looking for gifts for a backpacker you can’t go wrong with the items in this list. The equipment mentioned tends to be inexpensive, and with the possible exception of the journals, these gifts will last a long time.

Correction: The journals may last longest in fact, and find their way into the family history… who knows what adventures/misadventures your backpacker will get into!

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